Please note I do not do taxidermy wet specimen or tanning services, I am happy to recommend talented people who are equipped for those services.
I am located just outside Leicester, UK. Pickups are preferable for medium-sized full skeletal articulations, couriers can be organised at customers' cost & risk. Oxidated specimens are suitable for delivery via postal services, however.

I have done skeletal articulations & Oxidated skeletons for small local museums and heritage sites, as well as wildlife trusts for educational rooms. Turnaround times for both skeletons and oxidated specimens vary from a few weeks to several months, mainly due to degreasing if I am cleaning the skeleton from raw. So please be patient while waiting for your piece, I am happy to send progress photos and WIPs along the way.
The prices below are just rough estimates. For a tailored quote please contact me.

Please note that oxidized specimens are clean via different method compared to regular skeletal articulations, they are ideal for small animals and juveniles by preserving the delicate cartilage and ligamentary skeleton. Please see my examples in 'Work' to see how specimens will look.
Oxidated Specimens
These prices include full cleaning of an oxidated specimen, delivered pinned on styrofoam to keep secure during transit, These by default come freestanding (no base).
Bases are either wooden plinths with metal support rods and/or driftwood and vary depending on size and detail. If you'd like a base for your oxidated specimen, or have a base made that you'd like your specimen mounted on, feel free to contact me.
Fetal / Stillborn Puppy/Kitten - (from) £115

Juvenile Rabbit & Guinea Pig - (from) £115

Adult Rabbit - (from) £150

Small stillborn Pygmy Goat, Lamb & Fawn - (from) £160
Reptile under 12 inches (Excluding snakes) - (from) £110
European Hedgehog - (from) £120
Birds (Magpie and larger) - (from) £110

Large Rat - (from) £100

Frog or Toads (from) £95

Other specimens - Please contact me!

There may be some species that I cannot work on due to their size and my limited workspace

Skeletal Articulations
These prices include full cleaning of the skeleton and articulation in a pose of a customer's choice. Small skeletons are displayed on a plain black base with metal, wood, or acrylic support rods, or a temporary MDF base with wooden support rods or blocks for support during transit. I do not make permanent bases for skeletons larger than an adult rabbit, I'm sorry!
These skeletons are cleaned via maceration, degreased in ammonia or acetone, and wired.
 Prices are a guide only according to size - For an accurate quote please contact me.
European Hedgehog - £220

Dogs - (From) £380

Cats - (from) £400

Birds (Magpie and larger) - (from) £200

Fox - (from) £400

Badger - (from) £450

Adult Rabbit/Hare - £270

Other Specimens - Please Contact me!
If you have an already cleaned disarticulated skeleton or a partial skeleton such as a leg, paws, or spine that requires building, contact me for a quote.

There may be some species that I cannot work on due to their size and my limited workspace

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